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[Tutorial] Simple way to create rounded icon for your app

App icon is one of key factor for your app to be recognized by users. Using a square 512×512 png is the simplest way to create an app icon but it also less appealing.

Making it rounded will make your icon looks neat. Below you will find a simple way to create rounded icon using Photosop.

This is the same technique I used to create icon for my cat wallpaper app

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Aesop’s Fables

Pocket Fables is an app that contains many fables from Aesop, an Ancient Greek fabulist or story teller credited with a number of fables now collectively known as Aesop’s Fables. Each story illustrated beautifully by Milo Winter, to help children understand the context of the story. More stories will be added in the future!



• beautiful illustration
• fables with moral of story line in each of the end of story
• easy to understand
• friendly user interface


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